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    I have had Y-DNA 67 and FF tests carried out in my attempts to find the surname of my GGrandfather. My Grandfather was illegitimate and therefore used his Mother's Surname. The Y-DNA 67 (& FF) tests showed 3 out of 5 Surnames at GD5 were all the same; I have therefore asked for a 111 test to see what that results in. However, through a Paper trail (using the suspected Surname) I discovered a 'suspect' who fitted the profile exactly - correct age/location etc. I 'created a Tree for that individual and found his Brother's GGranddaughter; I contacted her and she transferred her Ancestry DNA to FTDNA. Unsure now how I can find if she matches in my FF (1800 listed). I am still looking for a Male descendant, Suggestions please.

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    In your matches menu, there is a search box on the top right. If you type in her name she used (even partial letters), it filters the matches and shows if she is there.

    There are several problems you might encounter. First, Ancestry changed their output during 2017, so she may not show up because her DNA matching is too low. You can solve that by having her do the a full familyfinder test (taking a sample). Also you could both upload to the Gedmatch site and see if you match there. Second, even if you are really related, a certain number of "cousins" will lose the DNA through random inheritance chance.