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  • Annoyed with new accounts

    When I tested my DNA last year, I ordered two kits but it was set up under one account. When I ordered tests for my dad a few months ago, that didn't happen. He has two accounts, one for the mt-DNA and one for the Y-DNA. Why is that? It's unnecessary and quite annoying. Is there any way to merge his two accounts?

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    Sivsdotter, use the link at the top right of the Forum pages, for "Customer Support." Once there, go to the heading "Support" with the green background, and either use the link to open a support request, or phone FTDNA during business hours if possible. They should be able to merge your father's two kits. If you phone them, be prepared to tell them the problem as you've done here, and have the kit numbers ready to tell them.

    If you use the form, make sure you see the "I am not a robot" area, because that must be used in order to submit the request.

    When you ordered the tests for your father, perhaps you ordered the first test for him, received his kit number and password, but then later ordered the second test without being logged into his account.

    For the earlier account for yourself, you probably either ordered both tests at the same time, or ordered the second test while logged in to your kit.


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      No, I ordered them at the same time, in the same tray, but there's been quite a few oddities with this order, like lack of confirmation for days, information forms that are really meant for sales over the counter and such. But the kits arrived together in the same envelope despite separate accounts.

      On a side note: neither Chrome or Firefox displays the contact form correctly for me (and can't be used), and it's been that way for a long time, something I have reported on the Facebook page. On Maxthon, though, it does work, so I'll try that one.

      ETA: The amount of images I had to go through before I was allowed to submit was absolutely ridiculous BTW.
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        It does sound like something went wrong, so it's good that you are going to put a support request in, in spite of the difficulty. I think FTDNA will be able to make it all right for you.

        After you get an automated reply, giving you a Request ID number, it may take a while to get a response from a support person (a few days to a week, perhaps?). Once a support person has replied to your request, you should have an idea of how long it will take to merge your father's accounts. I don't think it should take too long at all.

        Let us know how it turns out for you.


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          You should only have received ONE KIT for the two tests you ordered for yourself, and ONE KIT for the two tests you ordered for your father - one Kit Number for your two tests, one Kit number for his two tests.
          If you had contacted them before using, it probably would have been no problem to combine both Tests onto one of the Kits, which would have been the only one you sent in.
          Unfortunately, you did not realize something had gone wrong.

          Suggest you call first thing Monday when they open - because if they cannot combine, you may possibly want to spend $49 to upgrade his Y-DNA Kit with the FamilyFinder while it is on the Black Friday Sale (assuming thru 11/27 means the end of the day on 11/27). [I have often had good luck getting thru at opening time]

          In any case, best of luck!


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            Originally posted by Sivsdotter View Post
            ETA: The amount of images I had to go through before I was allowed to submit was absolutely ridiculous BTW.
            Sometimes if you fail to get it right, it keeps going. Maybe you missed one and it kept going. Seen this happen myself.

            When you say two kits were sent in the same envelope, you mean 4 vials/swabs? Each kit comes with 2 vial/swab pairs. When you log into the kit, you can check the order history to see what tests are tied to it.


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              I live halfway around the world, so I'd prefer not to call. I have sent a message and they have replied swiftly before, so I expect to get a reply reasonably quick.

              Loobster, it's the account/kit number that's the problem. When I myself ordered, I got one account, one kit number, just as it's supposed to be, but dad got two for some inexplicable reason. I ordered the tests at the same time in the same tray, nothing strange there, but then, when I got the confirmation, the order had split. The payment was not divided up or anything, I just got two kit numbers.

              The_Contemplator, yes, there were 4 vials, two for each test, just as it was for me. The only strange thing is that dad got two kit numbers instead of one. Everything else has been just like when I ordered, aside from the lengthy wait for order confirmation. That's where things went wrong, I think. For some reason the confirmation got delayed and some error occurred. We'll see what they say when they come back to me.


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                Originally posted by Sivsdotter View Post
                I live halfway around the world, so I'd prefer not to call. I have sent a message and they have replied swiftly before, so I expect to get a reply reasonably quick.
                Maybe you can use Messenger to make a phone call?


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                  In the cart, you are able to make an order for multiple kits at the same time. Maybe you clicked the wrong area and added another kit to the cart? This would explain why you got 2 kit numbers in one order. I have done this (purposely) in the past.

                  You can try it right now to see what I mean. Just log off from FTDNA (if you are logged in) and go to the cart. You will see a bar that mentions "Kit#1" Then under it you can click on "Add or gift another kit" to add another kit. If you do, you will see a "Kit#2" appear. If you clicked that, it would explain it all. Even if you remove items from the second kit, the kit still remains. You have to close it by clicking the "x" to remove it from the cart.

                  I've never heard of FTDNA accidentally decoupling tests into separate kits, but I have heard of people accidentally ordering different tests under new kit numbers.


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                    Well, I know I didn't do that.

                    Either way I have a response now and the accounts will be merged. Problem solved.