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Kit number and Gedcom Number

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  • Kit number and Gedcom Number

    I have a Kit number form DNA testing with FTDNA. Is this my Gedcom number? If not how do I get my Gedcom number?

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    Register at and upload your dna test results to gedmatch - you will receive a new kit number from gedmatch. Instructions for dowloading and uploading results you can found on gedmatch.


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      A "GEDCOM" is a type of file that is produced by a Family Tree software program (ie RootsMagic) which you have entered your ancestors. You have to build your tree and export/save it as a .ged file.

      Your kit number at FamilyTreeDNA is only used within FamilyTreeDNA.

      Are you wondering about the uploading GEDCOM section of Gedmatch website to obtain a number?

      If in regards to Gedmatch, you upload your Family Finder Raw Data (Build36 Concatenated Raw Data) via the "Generic Fast Upload" and if you have a GEDCOM file (produced by a Family Tree software program) you use the "GEDCOM genealogy Upload"
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        Upload .ged file to Gedmatch

        When I used Legacy 9 to create my .ged file it defaulted as using the ANSI character encoding. When I uploaded it to Gedmatch I got this message:
        NOTICE: This GEDCOM was created using character encoding 'ANSI'. GEDmatch stores data internally as UTF-8. If you find that some characters do not display properly, you may get better results if you set your software to export your GEDCOM using UTF-8 character encoding.

        So I redid it using UTF-8. Don't forget to make yourself the point person for the Gedcom also.