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    My Father subscribed to DNA Heritage in Jan 2006, prior to his death in 2008. To validate his results, his two brothers also took the tests - and happily they were all the same. The tests were against 43-markers. So far, so good. DNA Heritage ceased trading somewhere along the line, but we were offered the option to transfer personal data to FTDNA, which we did - after Dad's decease - so we were relieved that the records could continue. I was excited to find 2 matches with 0 variances over 25 markers. I was even more excited to recognise that one of the Family Names matched was declared in the Will of an Uncle dated 1826, most likely validating a "Natural" child. The other Family Name associates closely with a Family "Seat" for over 500 years. I have made contact with the Administrator of the two Family Groups (one and the same Administrator for both). However, it transpires that a 43-Marker DNA Heritage Scoreboard does not contain the correct markers for a 37-Marker FTDNA Score - meaning that I can only associate with 25-Marker Results. This is not sufficient enough a Result for the Administrator to validate the matches. 37-Markers are the minimum that are interpreted. I understand the reasoning here, but, but, but - my Father and his Brothers are now deceased and I have no living direct male who could re-test to a higher level. The original DNA Heritage samples have been destroyed. Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh. Any ideas, anyone, as to what I can do next? Is all lost?

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    If neither your father or his brothers had any sons then there's nothing more you can do with Y-DNA, unless your dad had paternal male cousins still alive, or who had sons?

    Have you taken the autosomal DNA test (family finder)?


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      Hi. Thanks for your response. Yes - I have subscribed to an Ancestry Autosomal and logged it with FTDNA and a couple of other sites. No findings as yet. It's just so disappointing that I cannot work with the Y-DNA from Dad. It seems to be far more matchable!


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        Actually, Y-DNA tends to be less relevant to recent genealogy than autosomal. Most of your Y matches probably aren't related within a genealogical time frame, and it only is relevant to the direct paternal line (not even the full paternal side) whereas autosomal includes matches from all branches and most of your closest matches will be from a genealogical time frame.

        What exactly are you trying to accomplish with Y-DNA?