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  • Matching Segments Start & End Points

    I am learning about matching segments and have a few questions I hope that could be easily answered. Given the values in the attached picture....

    1. Do the start and end points have to be exactly the same for a match to exist?

    For example: Lets say 4 kits all have the same starting point of 91,606,116, and three of the four kits have an end point of 104,431,177 and one has an end point of 97,308,172. Would you exclude the kit with the odd endpoint?
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    No they do not have to have the same start and end point to be sharing the same common ancestors, segments just have to overlap.

    Keep in mind though, we each have two of each chromosome, a maternal and a paternal. Overlapping matches may look like you are sharing same segment, but one match maybe on your maternal chromosome, the other on your paternal chromosome.
    Due to nature of testing, they can not say which is which and the pairs of chromosomes are merged together in the chromosome browser.
    You would have to contact matches and see if they share same segment with each other or compare at Gedmatch if all have uploaded to site.


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      Got it. Thx


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        You can also use the Matrix feature to check if these people are related to each other.