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Mongolian Spots in Europeans

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  • Mongolian Spots in Europeans

    Is this a thing? I've read it's very rare in 100% Europeans, but I did find this:
    I know that the EDAR gene(influences certain aspects of hair, skin etc. and sweat glands) which is common in East Asians and Native Americans, but absent in other populations, has been found in Mesolithic samples from Scandinavia(around 6,000BC) even though they had no East Asian ancestry. I just checked the wiki page and it was found even more recently in samples from the Afanasevo culture and even as recently as 2200 years ago with the Scythians.
    There are three physical/genetic traits that I am interested in knowing how they show up in regions in Europe. 1. The dry earwax/low body odor genetic mutation from Eastern Asia. 2. Mongolian spots in children, and especially ones that continue into adulthood. 3. Bifid uvula, submucosal cleft...

    Any thoughts. Could this mean anything or does anybody have experience with this?