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Aunt's Gedmatch results are in! My own analysis (contributions welcome)

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  • Aunt's Gedmatch results are in! My own analysis (contributions welcome)

    Hi all. So I am still trying to find evidence of additional Jewish ancestry for my maternal aunt. Confirmed Ashkenazi Jewish paternal grandfather, confirmed non-Jewish Ligurian mother. Paternal grandmother of unknown origins, known to be part Irish. Some of the findings so far:

    A score of 11.69 ASHKENAZI on the Eurogenes JTest. (38, 34.6, 25.4 and 18.4 on oracle mode)

    Roughly 200 X matches of 7 cM or more with full Ashkenazim (largest segment, 11.2 cM, largest total, 20 cM)

    A score of 30.79 percent western European on Dodecad's V3 test. The western European score is the most continuously variable, so I like to use it in these kinds of comparisons. Using her known ancestry, we can take the average western European scores of northern Italians and Ashkenazi Jews respectively and we have 1/2*33.5+1/4*19.8=21.7. The remaining quarter accounts therefore for just over 9 percent of her remaining western European admixture. If her grandmother were *entirely*Irish, she would resemble more of a Sevillana (4x9.09=36.36) than an average Irishman. Even if both her Ashkenazi and northern Italian are low outliers, we are still left with a grandparent who essentially resembles a southwestern European.

    Perhaps then the X matches, the JTest results, and the Dodecad results point to a paternal grandmother with significant Jewish ancestry. Any thoughts?
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    Anybody want to weigh in?



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      Perhaps it points to someone at some point in your tree being Ashkenazim? I'm not sure if it could be directly pinpointed to a specific ancestor unless more family members were tested?


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        Yes certainly. It is definitely in the x-line though. She seemed to also be in the same range, sharing-on-the-x-wise as another woman with an ashkenazic maternal grandmother, i.e they both had a similar number of ashkenazic x-matches (many) and ashkenazic x-only matches (far fewer) with the same range of sharing (20 cM and less) and similar segment lengths...
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          Hi guys, anybody else have some opinions?