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Ordering a test for someone else?

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  • Ordering a test for someone else?

    Can someone please walk me through the process of ordering a test for my cousin, that I will control?
    I have done this for my Mom and Dad before(way back in 2013!), and have forgot the process. I will give my cousin sign in information, but I want to be able to access results myself, since I am the Family Historian.
    I think I am just creating an account from a brand new home page, and putting all information for me, except the testers name would be my cousin, correct?
    Also, can I have the test sent directly to him, or would it be better for it to come to me, and then I can activate it?
    Thank you. Brenda

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    There are several ways of approaching this.

    First, no matter what, the DNA belongs to and is controlled by the person the DNA came from.

    That being said, you also have some rights if you are the person paying for the test (which is unclear from your original post, but I will assume that is the case).

    The person paying should set up the account, because they will enter the credit card number and email and will get the confirmation response which will give the kit number and password.

    You can enter the mailing address of the person taking the test for them to receive the test directly if that suits you (especially if they are in a different city).

    You can share the account and password between you, and there is no problem if you happen to both log in at the same time.

    The tricky part comes if there is ever a dispute and one party decides to change the password and effectively block out the other. At that point, you have to involve FTDNA. Their policy is that ultimately the person who is the DNA donor is the owner, but if they wish to block out the manager, they must reimburse them for the price of the kit.


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      To order you can either log out and start from a blank homepage (I find it easier) or you can click the "DNA Tests" option near the top left of your own profile page (it might have saved your card payment details which could be convenient). Either way, a new profile will be set up for the kit with its own password.

      As long as your cousin has internet access and isn't computer illiterate, I'd get the kit sent straight to them to save time. I haven't ever had a problem with any of my cousins failing to activate the kit.


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        Start a new order as mentioned either by going to FTDNA page with out logging in or if logged in select test, but click on "Add Another Kit" when in your Shopping Cart.

        Enter your info in Billing info,
        Uncheck Billing address is the same as shipping unless you want kit sent to you.
        Enter your cousins info in the Shipping Address, but your email address.

        Note if for some reason FTDNA needs to sent out a new kit due to running out of sample or poor quality of sample, they will automatically send out new kit to address in Shipping, so depending if you want replacement kits sent to you first or directly to cousin, you can change shipping address after cousin receives initial kit.
        they do not notify that they are sending out replacement kit when need arises


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          Thank you for the help! As soon as I ordered the test, I received a kit number and password, so all went well.