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    I want to test Y dna (first time), I came from tribe in Somalia and we keep family tree until nearly more 1000 year or so,* some who I share* subtribe came as T m70. I am not interested in near ancestry, I want to know deep like 1000 -2000 Years ago. Which test is good for me ? , I heard FTDNA ystr are only good for near ancestry, So I was planning to for panel (88 $ each) but I do not know which?

    T-L131 Panel

    T-M184 Panel

    T-P77 Panel

    or do the test NG Gen 2.0 test for deep ancestry.

    I have budget of around 250 $

    I asked this another forum a good guy suggest that I do T-M184 panel . That is probably what I will do but came here to get different insight before I order
    Thank you