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    My Grandfather was born in Northern England in 1889 but no Father is recorded on his Birth Certificate. My Surname is therefore his Mother's. I have ordered a Y-DNA37 test as a start in the hope it may give some clues, possibly somebody who has a relative who lived at that time in the same town. Is this likely? Should I be looking at alternative tests that may produce better results?

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    Ydna 37 is a good starting point for males who are unsure of their Surname. It may give clues to Fathers surname if people of that surname have tested and are in yDNA database.
    Drawback, even a 0GD match may not be close enough to trace common ancestor but it will give a possible surname to watch out for.

    The other test which he should take is an autosomal one, At FamilytreeDNA it is the FamilyFinder Test.
    It traces all lines (Maternal and Paternal) and deals with closer matches (Siblings/Parents to 4th to Remote cousins)

    Autosomal tests can be uploaded to a site called Gedmatch which allows for comparison and matching to others that have also uploaded who have tested with other companies (ie Ancestry, 23andme, myheritage, ect)


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      Thanks for advice prarielad. If I wish to do a Family Finder test must I resubmit and pay the full price or is the test carried out on the DNA I have already submitted?


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        You won't need to send a new sample, they can usually get 4 or 5 tests out of your original sample, possibly more.

        You just need to log in to your current profile and order Family Finder as an upgrade. It's on sale until the end of this month.

        As prairielad said, Family Finder has the potential to be more useful to you than Y37. If your great grandfather had children by one or more other women, their descendants (if any have taken DNA tests) would definitely show up in your match list regardless of their gender or the genders of the parents/grandparents who are their link to you. With Y-DNA you are restricted to looking for male matches related on the direct male line which limits your chances.

        There is a slight problem with Family Finder in that you will get matches on every side of your family and it can be difficult to work out which matches connect to which of your grandparents.

        With Y37, be prepared to be disappointed. Some people are lucky and get multiple matches to a single surname, whereas I would have no matches if I hadn't encouraged other people with my surname to take the test. Don't be discouraged if you don't immediately have useful matches with the Y37 results. If Family Finder reveals a potential male-line descendant of your great-grandfather then you can ask them to test Y-DNA to confirm the link.