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X-Match with me but not parents

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  • X-Match with me but not parents

    I've tested my parents with Family Finder test. Many of my matches from father's side have x-match with me, but not with my father. I'm confused, how that could be possible? Please, help.

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    Your father has an x and a y chromosome. I believe that you're a woman (correct me if I'm wrong), so you have two x chromosomes.

    This means that the Family Finder test results give your father one value (A,C, G or T) for each location on the x. You will get two values for each location on your x chromosomes.

    The testing process has no way of determining which of the values on your x at each location came from your father and which from your mother. All it looks for to declare a match is that you and the match share the same value at the same location, whether the value is coming from your father or mother. This means it's zig-zagging from one of the x chromosome pair to the other and combining values from both your parents into one shared segment. This is a false positive segment.

    Since your father only has one x, which he received from his mother, the test results are showing true shared segments with matches, especially if the match is a male and also only has one x. The x matches that your father has are reliable, as compared to the many false positive x matches that you have.
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      Yes, you're right, I'm female. Thank you for an exhaustive answer.