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  • Sending Problem

    I sent the sample as a letter. Do you think this is a problem?

    In the event of a possible refund, how long is the duration of the samples?

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    Cross your fingers and hope. Assume it will take at least 1-2 weeks before FTDNA is likely to report they have received it, even if everything is going well.
    If they have not reported anything after 3 weeks, check the Forums for current topics about how far behind they are running on reporting kits received.

    With any luck it will be fine.

    If in fact if fails to ever get there, FTDNA has always been good about sending a replacement Kit for ones that never arrived, got damaged, or got lost at home or in the mail going back.

    It does not have to arrive promptly to be fine - so if your only worry is that it will not get there as quickly - worry no more, that does not create a problem.