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    I have mtDNA and YDNA37 results. Neither shows connections we are certain in our family history. On both sides, there is a Native American ancestor. Since we are descended from the male offspring of the supposed native female, and thus he is not on the direct maternal line in mtDNA, I assume the native connection would not show up. For the other, the connection could be male or female. Since it does not show in the YDNA, is it possible that is because it is a female that was native on that side?

    What testing could validate native DNA? How does and MEand23 fit into this situation? What testing do they do? Other family members have used those tests.

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    FTDNA already has your DNA sample and they have Family Finder on sale until the end of August. Ancestry's autosomal test does not report as many markers as Family Finder. 23andMe's V4 also has a reduced number of markers. I haven't heard what the marker count is on 23ansMe new V5.

    I'd order Family Finder and then upload the raw data from it to GEDmatch.