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R1a - M513/L62/M511

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  • R1a - M513/L62/M511


    Is this Y haplogroup R1a - M513/L62/M511 (which is my Y haplogroup and haplotype) related with Jewish Levites?

    Anyone expert on the matter could help?

    Thank you

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    I'm not an expert, but doing a web search I found:
    You would need to do some Y-SNP testing to find a subclade (a branch further down the tree), and then see whether or not it is related to Jewish Levites, or another group. You don't have enough information at the level you have tested.

    There are several R1a projects at FTDNA. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could suggest one that could help you.


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      Hi, thanks for the reply.

      To be honest, i did this predictor (morley.dna), and i loaded my raw data (from MyHeritage), and using ISOGG tree it placed me exactly on the root, which is R1a - M513/L62/M511.

      I could see the subclades below (The Ashkenazi ones M17 or M512) but mine was at the top, 2 degrees above.

      I also read that it´s a rare Y haplotype.

      Maybe a Y dna test would be more specific.