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  • Understanding match results

    I have been looking online to try and increase my understanding the significance of matches such as those found for me at ftdna but am not quite getting it. When I look at my matches it lists people as 2nd-4th cousins and the cM numbers. I don't know what would be a high cM number? Do these matches mean that I am related to them in a traceable way? Thank you.

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    Individual shared segments that measure above 30 cM are the best of all for potential traceability


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      FYI, since other sites do it differently, on FTDNA, if it says relationship range is 2nd-4th, then their suggested relationship is 3rd.
      Whether you are related to them in a traceable way depends on a lot of factors.
      How far back does your paper tree go - eg maybe a few of your great-grandparents, no one higher vs all ancestors thru all 3rd great-grandparents and some beyond -- and how far the other person's paper trail goes -- and also, are you a member of an endogamous group (eg Ashkenazi Jewish or American colonial) or not?


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        Thank for the responses. One of my matches of 100 cM has a tree listed. When I looked at it I noticed one of his remote grandparents has the same surname as one of my remote grandparents. In looking through records it seems these 2 may have been siblings. I thought that was kind of cool.