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    Any suggestions on what to upload to Promethease for my 22 year old grandson (have autosomal DNA results here at FamilyTreeDNA, and he was tested here at FamilyTreeDNA). He is severely disabled with what has always thought to be autism. Through the years we have tried everything under the sun to help him. If Promethease can identify anything at all, we would be grateful. This is why we did the DNA testing, so that we could transfer it to Promethease.

    Promethease says for $9 that multiple tests can be uploaded to them. We want to upload as much as possible.

    On FamilyTreeDNA's page listing the reports that I can download, they give a choice between Build 37 and Build 36. I do not know what the difference is, nor which would be the best for my situation.

    And then the Build 37 and Build 36 headings list three choices: 1) Autosomal Raw Data, 2) Chromosome Raw Data, and 3) Raw Data Concenated. And those say they contain GZip and CSV.

    I would be very grateful for advice on this matter, and I thank you in advance for any help you can give. I will not be able to check back to this post until tomorrow (probably). I just wanted to post this now to give time for responses.

    Maureen Millikan

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    Others who use the product may be able to give you a better answer, but I will give you a very broad answer.

    The differences between Build 36 and 37 are mostly minor, but 37 is more recent. You might want to search the forum for references such as this thread:

    The difference in files within a build are not meaningful. The Concatenated file is the master file. Autosomal is a subset without the X chromosome, and the X is a subset by itself.

    The difference between CSV and ZIP is that ZIP is a compression used for quicker internet transmission (sort of like encoded shorthand). The underlying data is the same.

    The reason for all the options is that different third parties have different criteria of what they will accept.


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      Okay, thank you very much. I will definitely click on the link to see what has been said.