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Best test to confirm my paternal Grandfather??

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  • Best test to confirm my paternal Grandfather??

    Hi, I am very new to all this and I am seeking some advice on which test to use to try and confirm my paternal grandfather.I suspect who it is but he had no other male children, though he had a full brother who had a son and grandson. The grandson is willing to be tested. So a y chromosome test would be ideal.(I am a male) But the question is would a y37 be sufficient or should I spend more money on a higher y67 or y111 test? Also would it be an advantage to also do a autosomal test as well. Would greatly appreciate any feedback.Thanks in advance.

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    If your assumption is correct Y-DNA will indicate that you share common paternal ancestor but it will not tell you who. The more markers tested the stronger the indication.

    Family Finder will give you a relationship range.


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      If you already have the familyfinder test on yourself, I would recommend your potential 2nd cousin take it also. The odds are almost a sure thing that you will match, if your theory is correct.

      If you have only done the Y test on yourself, I would still suggest the familyfinder comparison as having the best chance of a positive result. If you match, you can then use the "in common" feature of familyfinder to find even more relations, both male and female.


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        I agree - FamilyFinder on each of you.

        Then, when the Christmas Sale comes out, analyze what the results of FamilyFinder show and decide if it is worth adding YDNA and if so, how high can you afford to go on each of you at the sale price.