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  • Newbie query

    I am new to DNA results research, but I have 20 years experience in paper and on line gene research.

    I have uploaded my results from Ancestry to FtDNA and Gedmatch. I have a match on Gedmatch that shows as 10.4CM/10.4cm. They contacted me, referring to the Gedmatch match. They tested at FTDNA, as their Gedmatch kit number starts with T

    I want to use the FTDNA chromosome browser to compare them to me.

    In FTDNA the lowest match I have in my list s 20cm/17cm.

    Is there a way I can drop the threshold in my autosomnal matches in FtDNA down to 10? So I can --hopefully-- see them in my list??

    I understand 10.4 is low, I am using this as a way to learn the tools.

    Or is there another way? SHIRLEY

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    Why not use the one-to-one compare at GEDmatch?


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      You might want to check your Match and Email Settings, as you may have changed them at some point. If you changed the Family Finder match settings so as not to see your Distant or Speculative matches, it might prevent your 10 cM match and others from showing (if FTDNA even sees it as 10 cM).

      I just checked my match list, and the lowest sized longest block is 8 cM. The lowest total cM is 19 (not the same person for both). I have my settings set to show all matches, from Closest to Speculative.