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  • My Genealogy Beginning Strategy - Advice

    My wife and I are just beginning our Journey into Genealogy and our Family History. Not only do we want to explore our history but we want to set a guideline and help others in our family start to explore their other lines. I want to know if our planned approach for the first 6 months to year is a good plan or if there are recommended changes.

    1) We plan to register on Ancestry.Com and use their Autosomal DNA testing and work on building out our family from what we know (Believe to be facts). In addition we plan on having my parents and her parent complete the Autosomal testing also (To start to help identify which side of family matches are generating from).

    2) I plan to also register on this site and complete the Y-111 and mtDNA testing, while my wife will complete her mtDNA testing. Once the Ancestry results come in we will then transfer that information and family tree information to this site.

    3) In the mean time we will have other family members (cousins, uncles, siblings ect) completing the Ancestry Autosomal testing helping to identify our family characteristics. These results will also be transferred to this site.

    4) While our trees are building out we will identify (Some already identified) certain individuals we will ask to take either the Y-111 or mtDNA testing to identify the haplo group for as many as our GG Grandparents as we can. (We know mtDNA is less useful in matching but would like to find the Haplo groups for as many of our lines as possible)

    5) We will use the Autosomal testing and the strategic Y-111/mtDNA testing to hopefully provide a good oversight to some of our origins, find new connections, and provide a direction for research.

    This is our overall plan. Are these any issues or drawbacks from this plan we are missing?

    Will we lose anything (Quality of test results) by testing with Ancestry first and transferring to FTDNA versus testing on both sites separately or Ancestry not at all?

    I know some friends who has some of their line ancestry traced back nine + generations, but I am assuming that is uncommon for those in the US whose origins trace back to Northwest/West Africa (I am assuming most of our ancestors will have arrived via the Slave trade with very little information available leading to a much shorter line with no information Pre-Slave trade and little information directly post slave trade).

    Looking for any advice before beginning this long Journey!!!