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    My Grandfather Ed was born out of wed-lock and we do not know who his father was. How can I trace the DNA without a last name?

    Thank you for your time and help,

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    you get his dna sequenced and His DNA numbers are entered into the world bank here. In a click you will see a list of people who he matches genetically. The more numbers you match the closer related you are.

    I would guess that a 36/37 or 37/37 would indicate direct family.

    That is my simple understanding. Lots of people haven't had their sequences done yet. So if you don't match someone close at first, maybe down the road a bit. More people every day enter into the dna data bank here.
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      As Mike said, get your grandfather tested or a direct male descendant. For what you'd be attempting to do, I'd suggest 37 markers. Once you have the results, look for clusters of close results who all have the same or similar surnames.

      What I would do then is to check the census closest to the date of your grandfather's birthdate. Is there a family nearby with the same surname as one of those clusters you saw? I've got a similar maternal grandfather was born out of wedlock. The difference is I have a suspect. If I can convince a cousin to test and his results happen to match those of men carrying the surname of the suspect... Well, where there's smoke...


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        Hi Mike,

        Thank you for your advice. I will give it a try.



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          Hi DMac,

          Thank you for your advice. I will make sure I check all the County's around where my Grandfather was born.



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            I am having the same problem with my maternal great great . . . grandmother. They were married, and the maiden name is not in the records.