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I personally have 2 sets of data with FTDna but..

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  • I personally have 2 sets of data with FTDna but..

    I did a mTDna test back in 2007 with the Genealogical Project, so I believe my log onto FTDna is that one. But I uploaded my autosomal DNA from Ancestry and paid the upgrade fee, so have 2 sets of data with FTDna.
    I am trying to upload to Genome Mate Pro and have found my kit number (not my log on number) in someone else's icw file, but my question is how do I know which set of data this kit number is for?
    Having uploaded others DNA I manage to FTDna, their kit numbers have an extra digit to mine, so I am suspecting that mine is from the mTDna but I don't have anyway of telling.
    When I contact FTDna all they wanted to do was give me a link to change my password!!!!
    Any guidance would be appreciated!

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    I am not entirely sure what your situation is, but I think you are saying you have 2 kits representing the same person, both transferred into FTDNA.

    If a kit was originally done at FTDNA, they use a number sytem increasing numerically based on time of purchase. I have seen some very old kits under 10,000, some medium age under 99,999 and the majority as six digit numbers over 100,000.

    If it is a transfer kit, it should start with a letter. If it came from National Geographic, it should start with N. If it came from Ancestry it should start with B.


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      Yes I have the Nxxxx kit from 2007 but on my dashboard page, the other transferred data from Ancestry is there too.

      I think I'm just having to go back to GMP to check everything there!


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        "ICW" is In Common With, it's my understanding that report only applies to autosomal DNA, such as the Family Finder or the autosomal DNA data transfer from other vendors.