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    So, I'm apparently 0.4% Ashkenazi per 23andme. Nothing shows for FT, Ancestry, or Myheritage. I hear 23andme is most accurate for Ashkenazi as well. Gedmatch Jtest has me 4%. The 0.4% apparently means that I had a 4x or greater great-grandparent that was full Ashkenazi. I'm also matched to a 1st cousin on my Ukrainian side on the site. She's 1.4%. Our mutual matches range from <1% to >50%, and we share on the 4th chromosome.

    I believe this is from my Ukrainian side. I find it pretty cool. Some say this small percentage is just noise, but I believe there was an ancestor long ago that was Ashkenazi. I'm also Polish on both sides, mom was half, dad was half. I'm also Swedish as dad was half.

    I'm interested to know more about this culture and these results.
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    Hollifer, in GEDmatch's forum, Martin Davis noticed that your kit scores 0 percent in the deep-ancestry Eurogenes K36 test's East Mediterranean, Near Eastern, Arabian, and Armenian categories that represent the main elements the ancient Israelites had. Slavs and Scandinavians who score 0 percent "European Jewish" like yourself also tend to score 0 percent in these categories.

    On the other hand, Maria pointed out that you match a person who I confirmed is 100% Ashkenazic Jew in his recent generations and has no sign of extra Slavic or Scandinavian admixture (per Eurogenes' Jtest) on a segment with the impressive length 20.4 centimorgans and with the outstanding count of 4,766 SNPs and this segment appears in a normal part of your DNA. This calls for additional explorations about the other matches to that segment (it's on the same chromosome number you mentioned) and ethnicity paintings of the segment. Perhaps this is one of those rare times when 3 of the 4 sites missed a small bit of real Ashkenazic ancestry.

    Addenda: I confirmed you also match some similar people, including in the same segment area, who are 100% Ashkenazic in their recent generations, and triangulation succeeded on one pairing between a pair I tested.
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      Where you able to analyze my kit in a similar fashion? If not could you give me instructions on how to do it?