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Is this my Half-Aunt?

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  • Is this my Half-Aunt?


    I am hoping I'm posting this in the right place.

    A couple months ago I received my results from 23andme. They assigned this one particular relative as my Grandmother. I knew that was not correct. When I clicked on her profile, our closest shared relative was both assigned as a 1st cousin. However after some research I'm 99% sure he's my first cousin once removed (7.80% shared) and probably her 1st cousin (11.2% shared). He does not have open sharing so I can't check more than that. But, since he used his real name I was able to trace it back and it appears his dad and my grandfather on my dad's father's side were brothers. I did try and contact him but he didn't reply. I should also mention I am not in touch with my dad or his dad's side of the family andknow little about them.

    So, the possible half-aunt. She is definitely from my dad's father's side. But, she was adopted so she has no information. I'm trying to help her. We share 17.9% DNA and 1335cM, 21 segments. My guess is that she is my dad's half sister (same dad, different mothers)

    Does this sound correct? Based on our relation to the common relative and the DNA and cM?

    Thank you

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    She is certainly in the range to be a half-aunt, but as we know they are ranges.

    Have the kits been uploaded/transferred to all the possible places (Gedmatch etc) to find other matches?