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  • Help Me Identify this Document?

    Hello, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post but any assistance would be helpful. My husband is hoping to find some information on his birth father. His mother never told him anything and has passed. We found this document among her things, which has a name for the father but no further information. I am unsure if this is two different documents with one scanned on top of the other to hide part of it or what, the top is a "confidential verification of birth" the bottom is the "certificate of live birth" which lists no father just like my husband's actual birth certificate. We think that it may be related to requesting child support do to the "CSE". It is stamped as having been received by a different county than my husband was born in, so we assumed this is where the paperwork was filed, however they have no been able to find any records. I am not sure if I should check with his birth county next, or if they just weren't searching correctly and I should try again, or if we are wrong about what this document is but I would appreciate anyone who may have seen something similar or could help in any other way.

    Thanks very much.