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  • Narrowing down matches

    I'm jumping back in to this research after a long hiatus. I got pretty frustrated and discouraged last year.

    Anyhow, I am trying to fill in a huge hole on my mother's paternal line. It appears that there was an NPE with my maternal grandfather, now unknown. Mother passed away at the end of 2015, so I was never able to DNA test her. She did a huge amount of genealogical research on her maternal line and for all of my father's family history. Both my father and my maternal aunt have been DNA tested (at Ancestry, uploaded here, and at Gedmatch).

    The matches associated with their kits support the research documentation my mother did. There are *a lot* of matches with my father's kit, and quite a few with my maternal aunt's - probably on *her* paternal side, and our shared maternal line. Interestingly, my Aunt only matches me at 840 - 875 cM, which bears out the theory my mother mentioned many years ago.

    I have tried a process of elimination to narrow down any potential matches for a maternal grandfather's line. I did that at Ancestry, and here at FTDNA I downloaded lists for 'not in common with' matches for both my father and aunt. I'm not sure if I'm interpreting results correctly. At Ancestry, none of the potential matches for the line I am searching is closer than a 4th cousin.

    I haven't even done a chromosome analysis/comparison with potential matches, as I am not sure whether I understand or interpret what I am seeing correctly.

    Any thoughts or guidance on tools I could be using that might help with this? I am doing this research mostly to fill in history, rather than for contacting potential family members. It's a bonus, but not primary.

    Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions or advice.