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  • R-DF83


    I am interested in knowing more about the DF83 haplogroup origins. I am new to genealogy and do not understand the technicalities of it. Could someone provide a general overview of where DF83 may have originated from?

    There seems to be very little available when searching online for information about this particular branch.

    Thanks you,


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    Doing a quick web search, I found:
    • It looks like one person has done the BigY with a result of R-D83* (the * meaning he shows none of the identified SNPs further down the tree, but may have a novel variant that would be a new SNP if others are found to have it). You can see this person shown at both YFull's R-DF83 YTree, and also at Alex Williamson's section of his Big Tree for R-DF83. That person shows with Puerto Rican paternal line ancestry.
    • There is an older thread about R-DF83 at Anthrogenica, titled "DF83 (DF27>DF83) - a widely scattered early branch of DF27." It's from 2013-2015, and origins discussed include Iberia.
    • DF83 is a subclade of DF27, which you can read about at Eupedia, in the section titled "The Gallic & Iberian branch (DF27/S250)." There are some trees on that page for the various branches of DF27; go to the one for ZZ12, and you will see DF83 under ZZ51 at the far right (labeled "Western Europe").

    If you haven't done so already, you may want to join the FTDNA R1b-D27 and Subclades Project. Perhaps the administrators there can offer some assistance.
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      thank you for the assist. - I'll keep looking