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Warrior Gene questions

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  • Warrior Gene questions

    I decided to take the test at FTDNA to see if I was positive for the so called warrior gene. My results have not came back yet but I was reading that if you have tested at 23&me you could look at specific SNP's in your raw data and it would indicate if you have the gene or not. Here is what I found in my and my sons 23&me raw data.

    rs909525 - C
    rs6323 - G

    My son
    rs909525 - C
    rs6323 - T

    If I have read correctly my C and G designations seem to indicate that I am positive. I am not sure about my son's C and T designations. I suppose he is positive on rs909525 and negative on rs6323.

    My wife told me I wasted $50 taking this test because she new I was positive. Ha..

    Any information would be appreciated.

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    Also can this "warrior gene" only be passed from your mother since it's on the X chromosome?


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      Your mother has two X chromosomes and your father has a X and a Y. Your mother passes her mtDNA to her children. Your father does not pass his mtDNA to his children.