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    I had a question about the SNP test to determine which subclade of a particular Haplogroup one's DNA is.

    Is it acheived by a 25 or 37 marker test? Or is it a totally different test that needs to be ordered seperately.

    I am currently new to the DNA terminology, and any information to this effect is highly appreciated.

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    SNP testing is a different set of tests from the Y-DNA25/37 marker tests. SNP determines your haplogroup. You can liken a haplogroup to a super family with roots extending 10's of thousands of years in the past.

    The Y-DNA25 and Y-DNA37 marker tests, test for STR's (short tandem repeats). These tests give you results back that together is called your haplotype. STR mutations, increases or decreases in the number of repeats, takes place more frequently than SNP mutations. This makes the Y-DNA25, Y-DNA37 and now the new guy on the block Y-DNA67 tests useful for genealogy.


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      The STR marker tests (12, 25, 37, and 67) can often be used to predict, to some extent, one's haplogroup and subclade. At the very least, one can use Ysearch to find nearest matches, and look at their haplogroups. Experts, available on certain forums and mailing lists, can often do better. But nevertheless, the only way to be certain of one's haplogroup and subclade is a deep-subclade test.


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        Here's the route I took: When I first got results from the Genographic project, it predicted an E3b. From my personal page, I got a message that I was a candidate for a deep clade SNP test. I took the test and it was then certain that I was E3b1. The main benefit of taking the SNP test is ruling out for sure membership in other haplogroups.


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          Thankx everybody for the information.