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  • Male Matches Me on Mtdna

    I am a female with a male Family Finder DNA Match on the x chromosome. Relationship range is 3rd to 5th cousins. I think that means we definitely match on both our maternal sides and that we have one of the 3 in common: a great,great grandmother, a great, great,great grandmother or a great,great, great,great grandmother in common based or the 3rd-5th cousin range. I am new to Family Finder and trying to understand how I am related to my matches. Thanks much

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    I'm a bit confused as to which test the male took that shows the X chromosome match to you as you are heading your post with Male matches me on mtDNA. The X chromosome isn't part of the mtDNA test rather a part of the Family Finder autosomal DNA test. And you mentioned he was a FF match on the X. Did he do a mtDNA test as well?

    A man gets his X chromosome 100% from his mother, but she gets her X chromosome from both her father and mother. It isn't a straight shot back down the mother's mother's mother's line. That's the mitochondrial test and uses an entirely different DNA than the Family Tree. You might want to Google an X chromosome inheritance chart/male for a good visual of the various lines back that a male can get his X DNA from. There are also ones showing the female inheritance possibilities as well.


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      Which mtDNA test did you have? Was it the full mitochondrial sequence?


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        Correction.. We match on Family Finder not MtDNA

        Sorry about the confusion in my question. He is an X match on Family Finder. I genuinely appreciate the feedback and suggestions.


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          I haven't found X-matches to be very useful to date, especially for females because they have SO many.

          I have a couple of females kits that share about 20cM on the X-chromosome with a male and FF estimated the relationship at about 2nd to 4th cousin. When I first made contact his wife was very keen to tell me all about her husband's paternal line from Scotland but I doubted that was it.

          I suggested that because of this X-match it was more likely to be via his mother, and once I knew his mother's maiden name the connection was obvious. He is a PATERNAL relative to my females relatives via their paternal grandmother.

          Many of the X-matches are tiny segments so don't let that fool you. I have kits that are "X-matches" with paternal relatives that shouldn't match but they do share little segments.


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            My Maternal Male Cousin's X Chromosome

            Adrian's mother and my mother are sisters. His daughter matches me on the X Chromosome. Could it be as simple as him getting his X Chromosome from his mother passing it to his daughter then her X Chromosome matching mine because my mother
            and Adrian's mother were sisters..end of mystery??? Wanted to get some feedback. Thanks!!!


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              Sounds right. Adrian would have gotten his X-Chromosome from his mother, his Y-Chromosome from his father.

              If he has a child, he either passed his Y-Chromosome to it, and it is a boy; or he passed his X-Chromosome to it, and it is a girl.