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Ordered 2 family finder kits

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  • Ordered 2 family finder kits

    I recently ordered 2 kits and have received them both. I placed the order in my name because I wasn't sure who I was going to have tested with them. So both kits are in my name. Now that I know who the test subjects will be (my MIL and FIL), how do I change the name on each account from my name to the actual test subject? Thanks.

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    I'm assuming that since you placed the order, you provided your e-mail address as the contact for both. In that case, you received an e-mail with a kit number and password for each order.

    Use the kit number and password to log into each account at Then you can change the name for each kit to the name of your relative who will be providing the DNA sample.

    However, be very careful to make sure that you're putting the right name in the account for the right kit number. For instance, suppose you ordered a Family Finder test and yDNA for your FIL and just a Family Finder test for your MIL. In that case, change the name in the account/kit number which includes the yDNA test to your FIL's name and the name in the other account with just a Family Finder test to your MIL's name. Mixing up the names and kit numbers just creates confusion.


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      I had changed the name, but it was still showing up with my name. However, I logged out and when I logged back in both kit names had updated appropriately.