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Uploading to GEDMATCH problem

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  • Uploading to GEDMATCH problem

    My father, who is now deceased, has his DNA tested in 2006,the mtDNA test and results received. I am trying to upload it to GEDMATCH but cannot find the raw data in the account on FTDNA website, let alone upload it. Where do I find it? And, can the results of this test even be uploaded to GEDMATCH?

    Another question is, can the sample he gave be retested for the Family Finder test?

    Thank you.

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    Gedmatch only accepts Family Finder Raw Data from FamilytreeDNA. (only autosomal, no yDNA or mtDNA. Haplogroups can be entered manually after an autosomal file loaded)

    Raw Data is only available once one has done the FamilyFinder test

    Yes, if FTDNA still has sample on file, they can run the Family Finder test via clicking on the upgrade button of his account.

    You may want to contact them first to confirm they have enough of the sample remaining (they store unused sample for about 25years) otherwise they will sent you out a new collection kit automatically (not useful when person is deceased)