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  • Uploading DNA

    So, it's becoming apparent to me that maybe THIS site is somehow different from the site where my data needs to be uploaded. Is that correct? I try to sign in with the username name and password that I use HERE, but not recognized.
    If that is the case, how do I proceed? I do not have a kit number, my data is from 23andMe.

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    Did you transfer your 23andme Raw Data to FTDNA?

    if so then they would have sent an email with a kit number and password for logging in.

    Is that what you are using to try and log in.

    Forum username and password is a different login then Main FTDNA login for viewing matches and such..

    if you have not transferred your 23andme Raw Data yet, you can do so by going to the following link.
    FTDNA will then send you an email with kit number and password used to login.
    "Already have a Family Tree DNA account?" ON transfer page only applies to those who have done testing at FTDNA (Forum username and password does not apply, only click link if you have already tested with FTDNA)
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