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    I don't think anyone can answer that question with 100% assurance, but it is very highly unlikely that you were sent the wrong numbered bottles.

    But, now you know that in the future, you should follow the directions included with the kit, which tell you to make sure the number matches on all items. See step 2 in these directions about how to use the kit. I'm sure it is mentioned on the instruction sheet included with the kit, but I don't have one right now to check that.


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      Kit is matched to your account

      Originally posted by canadienne View Post
      My question is; Have they sent other kit numbered bottles instead of my kit numbered bottles?

      Because I did not check my bottle number when sending.
      If you received one kit, and you mailed one kit, the one you mailed will show up on your status when you log in with that same kit number.

      If the kit number on your vials was not the same as your login kit number, it will not be added to your account and you will not ever see it listed as waiting for results. Whoever registered the "other" kit number matching the vial will see the status, but you will not.

      Keep in mind, it takes Family Tree a couple of weeks before they will tell you they received your kit. But if you do eventually see it listed in your status, you can be pretty sure the vial number matched your account.