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  • confused

    Can someone please explain my DNA results - at a 5th grade level please. I have such a long list of mtDNA Recent Ancestral Origins that I am totally lost. I thought this test would give me an idea of my origins instead it has just confused me more.

    I have copied a small sampling of my results - I also have mutations at 519C and 263C and I have no idea what that means either. I ordered a refined test in hopes to clear up some of my confusion but I have no idea when those results will be posted.


    Low resolution results
    H unknown 44
    H United States 1
    H1 Wales 1
    H1* England 1
    H1* France 1
    H1* Germany 1
    H1* Netherlands 1
    H1* United Kingdom 1
    H1* Unknown Origin 4
    H10 Unknown Origin 1
    H11 England 1
    H9 France 1
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    There are mutation numbers under

    HVR1(low resolution) and/or HVR2(high resolution)

    Geneticists picked one Woman's dna sequence as a starting point, and called it CRS.

    Mutations aquired over generations by your dna are noted as numbers under HVR1 and HVR2. which are different from crs. These numbers also place people in different groups or connect people to named genetic Haplo H.

    H has branches of sub groups, like H9

    The people you match with share the same mutation numbers as you. I think HVR1 is very that you may have additional mutations under HVR2 that may point you closer.

    I have done that. I now am having my H sequence refined to see if I am part of a sub-group.

    That's my basic understanding. I'm learning also.

    i hope I don't fail the final..
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