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Linked relationships not working?

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  • Linked relationships not working?


    I have had two relatives do the Family Finder test as well as myself, plus I have found two other relatives through the matches. All four are now shown on my tree, and I have linked them all, so the tree shows they have tested.

    Yet even weeks after I did this, the linked relationship only shows for two of them on my match list. When I press the "linked relationship" button, it tells me they are already linked, so there seems to be nothing more I can do. Can anyone advise me what more I need to do please to make these missing two appear?

    I have two other quirky issues please.

    1. One of my new-found relatives has two tests in my match list under two different names. (She transferred in from Ancestry, and then did the FTDNA test as well.) Is there any way to link both test results to the one person?

    2. I am not sure of this, but my recollection is that when my cousin's test result came in, I linked her and it identified all the maternal matches. Then when my aunt's result came in, I linked her, but now my cousin's link no longer appears. This seems very strange. Has anyone else had a linked relationship "drop out" like this?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Linked Relationship - shows "Calculating Family Matching"

    I have multiple kits. On one kit, I have successfuly linked my mother's aunt to my mother's kit. The link processed quickly. On my aunt's kit, I tried to link one of her 2nd cousins and it continually shows "Calculating Family Matching". This link has been processing for over 12 hours. How long does a 2nd cousin link take? Thanks in advance for any help.


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      glashfordjr , did it ever complete calculating? I am at the 12 hour mark as well showing "calculating family matching"


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        There are several glitches in the system. I have a full nephew tested, but for several months he showed as only being related to me on my maternal side. He now shows as being related via both of my parents (his grandparents) which is correct.

        I also have a few cases where cousins are correctly attached to the tree (because the relationship "3rd cousin once removed" shows up as expected) who do not have either the maternal or the paternal symbol by their names. Some people have suggested that this occurs with more distant relatives, but that can't be the case: there are two who do not get the maternal/paternal symbols for me or my sister, but who do get a maternal symbol on my nephew's profile (he's the son of another sister, so one generation more distantly related to these people).

        Having said that, I'm not really worried about it. I've been able to do a full "chromosome map" for me and my siblings (my brother tested at 23andMe) so I can assign DNA matches at least to the grandparent level, if not further. The maternal/paternal split doesn't serve any real purpose for me (although I realise it's very useful for people with an unknown parent).
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          Calculating Family Matching

          My 2nd cousin link finally completed sometime after 12 hours. Don't know exactly how long it took. After the 12+ hour completion, I tried another 2nd cousin link to the same person and it took about a minute or less.


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            I linked some people over the weekend and nothing seemed to happen at the time, but this morning they were there under maternal or paternal.