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Which y-dna test to order for last male in family?

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  • Which y-dna test to order for last male in family?

    I am a woman who would like information on my father's father's people; specifically potential matches to trace possible relatives to establish a family tree (family has a Norman-Scotts surname, last know male relative immigrated from Scotland). Also, to learn the male line Haplogroup as deep a subclass as possible. I have only one male cousin left who represents this branch of our family. Which test would you recommend I order for him?

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    Y-DNA37 and Big Y--today!

    I suggest you order a Y-DNA37 kit for $129 + $13 shipping, but then immediately (today!) call FTDNA (1.713.868.1438) to add the Big Y, which is $425 (today only, tomorrow it will be $575).

    If the phone line is too busy, fill out the Contact Form (Change Order, then Change Order/Billing). Explain that you want the Big Y at the $425 discount price, but couldn't order on the web site or over the phone in time.