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Accessing multiple kits

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  • Accessing multiple kits

    I am monitoring more than one kit, but when logging in one kit is listed and I do not have the option to access another kit.

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    This is a pain, but you have to log in as them.

    Unless you set yourself up as a project administrator (of which I have zero knowledge), there is not the facility to review one kit whilst logged in as another.

    If you were the person who bought and paid for the kits, and set your email up as the correspondence address, you should have the Kit numbers and passwords in the original confirmation emails you got when the kits were first raised.

    If you DIDN'T set yourself up as the email contact, you'll have to get the login details off the "testees" themselves - assuming they consent - which I can't see why they wouldn't, if it's been agreed you'll do the admin.


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      I don't know if people do this anymore, but those who managed several kits could request to be administrators of a Family project. I did this years ago and can access the seven kits I payed for plus those of other family members who have joined the project, plus a couple of others who asked to join even though we can't find our common ancestors.

      I sign in and can click on anyone in the list of members and their data opens in a new tab.


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        The other option is to log in to each kit using different web browsers.
        Firefox, internet Explorer, Chrome, ect.

        To start your own project, Family Finder or other see below

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