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Average receipt time for DNA kits

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  • Average receipt time for DNA kits

    I just ordered two DNA kits for family members. Can anyone tell me when I might expect to receive them. There was no estimated arrival date in the order confirmation I received via email, and I haven't found anything on the site to indicate average processing/shipping time.

    I'm hoping to take these to Michigan in 3 weeks, so hopefully they will arrive by then.

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    The last Kit I ordered, I did not get an e-mail saying a Package had been sent. The several before that, I got the Order Confirmation e-mail and then the e-mail saying a Package had been sent - and that one included the Tracking Number, so one could follow its progress.

    Panicked a bit, especially as in the past it usually took only about 3 days to arrive -- but a week or just over after I ordered it, the person I ordered it for said it had arrived.

    If you live in the US, you truly ought to get way sooner than 3 weeks. If you do not see anything in two weeks and do not get an e-mail with the tracking number (so you can check yourself), then might be a good time to Call Customer Service and ask.