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Having difficulty adding new kits

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  • Tmason
    I think you have understood correctly...BUT it is expressly giving me the option to add or gift new kits (i.e. for other people) from within my account. It does all the proper stuff - prompts for their names, asks which gender they are, asks whether they're an existing customer (one is, out of three), and calculates the correct total payment. The bit it won't let me do is edit the shipping address, so I can have their kits sent direct to them, and not via me as intermediary.

    Even with the editing, the option is there - it lets me supply their shipping details - just not save them.

    If I hit "save", then log out and come back, it shows the newly raised kits in my basket, with the correct names of the "testees", but the shipping address has defaulted back to mine.

    I thought it might be a browser problem, so tried with a different browser (IE instead of Chrome) but it won't save the shipping addresses either.

    If the answer is: "What you're trying is impossible", why is that option even there?

    I realise that's more of a question for FTDNA, not you - i.e. why do they have an interface that offers something impossible?

    I'm a UK customer, so won't be making transatlantic calls to do it - that method is not an option.

    Edit: Ah, sorry - my reply crossed with your edits. Glad you now see what I mean. I can complete the shipping info for a new person - I just can't get it to stick (save). So I can't scroll down to do the next one. It's almost as if there's something missing, or it thinks is wrong, which is stopping me saving. But all the fields are completed, and it doesn't give me any message about why it thinks it's incomplete/wrong. It just won't save it.
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  • prairielad
    As long as the correct address is listed in the Ship to section it will be saved.

    Scroll down and Edit second kit

    once both display the correct info in Ship to , proceed with checkout.
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  • prairielad
    Not sure if understanding correctly, but

    You can not add others kits to your account,
    Each persons account has to be set up separately, 1 person per login.

    Log out of account and go to FTDNA product page and order each person separately(without being logged in).

    If you want to order multiple tests at once(for different people not associated with login account) with only entering one payment you will probably have to phone FTDNA directly and order.

    Was just going over order process and see how you are doing it.....maybe easier still just to phone...
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  • Tmason
    started a topic Having difficulty adding new kits

    Having difficulty adding new kits

    I am trying to add (not "gift", as such, although the wording probably doesn't make any difference) Family Finder kits for three relatives to my account, such that the shipping addresses will be their home addresses, but the email address (for administration) will be mine.

    They're all willing to help by providing samples, but DON'T want to do the admin of it - which is better for me as well - all four of us doing the admin for a group of first degree relatives would be crazy.

    So seemed OK - I selected gift/add a new kit, which was automatically numbered Kit 2 (mine being #1), put the first person's name as the tester, then selected gift/add another one - put the second person's name as the tester.

    (The third addition is different - we'll get to that in a minute).

    So now I have two new kits, each with the tester's name, in the basket. For each, I need to make sure shipping address is NOT set to billing address, and put their correct shipping address.

    So I start with Kit 2, and edit all the shipping info, but leave the email address as mine - that's what I want, right? I don't want them getting emails about it (particularly as one is elderly and only just got on the internet at all - she won't want emails).

    I expected to be able to save this, and move on to repeat for Kit 3. But it won't let me save the shipping address. I've completed all the mandatory (yellow) fields, but it doesn't save. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Is it because the email address I've given (mine) is being recognised as already in use, and therefore isn't accepted? Do I have to give the tester's email, even though they won't want or expect to be emailed?

    Or is it because I haven't completed the payment info (yet)? I don't usually give payment info until I can see everything else is correct, including addresses, just in case I accidentally went ahead and paid before I finished editing.

    The third person is different again - they are an existing customer with an existing kit number - but again administered by me. So their setup will be slightly different, because I'll want to assign their FF kit to their existing Y-DNA account. It looks like you should be able to do all that from the same screen too, but why can't I get past saving the shipping address of the first one?