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Please help decipher my MtDNA!

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  • Please help decipher my MtDNA!

    I just received my Genetic Ancestry Test results but I need help deciphering the information. Can anyone help?

    MtDNA HVRI variation: 16129A, 16187T, 16189C, 16223T, 16278T, 16293G, 16294T, 16311C, 16360T

    MtDNA HVRII variation: 73G, 151T, 152C, 182T, 186A, 189C, 247A, 263G, 265C, 316A

    MtDNA haplogroup: L1c1

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    According to this scholarly paper:

    L1c is originally from central Africa, near the western (Atlantic) coast, in the Congo delta or so:

    This suggests that the origin of L1c can be placed somewhere in Central Africa towards the Atlantic west coast, in the uncharacterized areas of Angola and the Congo delta, to the south of the putative Bantu homeland, on the route of the “western stream” of the Bantu expansion. A West African origin for the African American L1c types is unlikely, because American types do not match with West African ones, this region being the best represented in the database.
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      Thank you for the post and the link!


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        I just read about an African DNA project being launched yesterday here at FTDNA. You should join the project, as there will be others there studying similar results as yours.

        Project Website -
        Discussion Forum -