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I1b2a variety?

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  • I1b2a variety?

    Recently, FTDNA told me that I am in the I1c haplogroup. I am assuming this means the new I1b2a group. Anyway, I am now wanting to know which variety of I1b2a I am. Unfortunately everything I read confuses me.

    Here are my tests: M170+ M223+ M258+ P19+ P38+ M161- M21- M227- M253- M26- M307- M72- P30- P37.2-

    On the site, I see that I1b2a-Cont doesn't fit, nor does I1b2a-Isles, I1b2a-Root, or I1b2*.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    I'm not an expert, but my impression is that the old I1c is primarily a Scandinavian and Northwest German y-haplogroup. In the British Isles it probably represents "invader" status, either Anglo-Saxons or Vikings.

    You probably know all that already.

    There is an I1c Project, I believe. You ought to join it. It should be a good source of info for you.

    Contact Grant South at this email address to join the project.

    [email protected]

    Welcome to the forum!

    Good hunting to you!


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      they changed the nomenclature

      what you tested is not (old) I1b2 because that is P37.2+.

      "Old" I1b2 is part of I1b. The "new" version is not.

      Unfortunately, most of what you will read about I1b2 is the "old" I1b2. That's because this change was only recently made.

      It's confusing that the designations keep changing, especially in cases like yours where the new name is another subclade's old name. (Old) I1b2 is now I1b1a etc.


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        Another I1c

        I am also I1c, and have the following test results: M170+ M223+ M258+ P19+ P38+ M161- M21- M227- M253- M26- M307- M72- P30- P37.2-

        Have you learned if there are any addtional refinement tests available for I1c?

        My most distant male ancestor is reportedly from Switzerland. Are there any I1c's from Switzerland out there?




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          I1c what dothese resutls mean?

          have recently Rested my Dna and have been given the results for belonging to Haplogroup I1c my family claims Scottish descent but I must admit to being fairly puzzled with the results as it seems I1c can be either Scandanavian, Celtic or I don't Know I tested possitive for
          +M170 +M223 +M258 +P19 + P38 +M161 and Negitive For
          -M21 -M227 -M253 -M26 -M307 -M72 -P30 -P37.2

          What on earth does this mean do any of these positive marker tell which race of people my family descend from I did find something that M223 is the original Marker for the Scot Irish race and that M161 was a Celtic marker if you can shed any light upon these finding please help to educate a somewhat new to geneics and fairly flustered Researcher.