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    My father has a first cousin and they share a grandmother on my dad's paternal side. The first cousin's mother married my father's great grandfather on my dad's maternal side. How would they be related then? and then to me?

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    If I understand correctly what you wrote, your father and this cousin are first cousins on your father's paternal side, sharing a grandmother. That is one of their relationships.
    Their second relationship is on your father's maternal side, where your cousin's mother married your father's maternal great-grandfather.

    Using a relationship chart, such as the one found at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb....tor/chart.html, if you use your father's great-grandfather (and his wife, your father's cousin's mother) as the Common Ancestor(s) (row 0, column 0), then your father is the Great Grandchild in row 3, column 0. The cousin's mother married your great-grandfather, so his relationship would be Child in the top row (row 0, column 1). Since he seems to not be a child of your father's great-grandfather, he would be a step-son to him, but for this purpose he is in the Child box.

    Now you go down from row 0, column 1, and right from row 3, column 0, until they meet. The relationship for your father to this cousin in this second case is Grand Nephew/Niece, on your father's maternal side. You are a 2nd great-grandchild (row 4, column 0), so he or she would then be a Great Grand Nephew/Niece to you through your father's maternal side.

    Someone else can weigh in on if this cousin is technically a step-Grand Nephew/Niece or otherwise.


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      I'm sorry - that was not right - my father and his first cousin share a grandmother on the paternal side. The first cousin's mother married my father's uncle on his maternal side. Still a double relationship but I don't know how to figure it out -


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        My first guess would be that if your father's maternal uncle married this paternal first cousin's mother:
        • Your father is a nephew to his uncle.
        • The uncle's marriage makes your first cousin that uncle's step-son.
        • A full son of the uncle would be your father's 1st cousin, so a step-son would be a step 1st cousin.

        Here's another chart which might be easier in this case: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb....hip_chart.html

        Your father is "Self" in this chart. His mother is "Parent." The maternal uncle is "Aunt or Uncle," and his wife is in the same box, by marriage. Her child, the uncle's step-son, is in the "1st Cousin" box, and you are in the "Child" box under "Parent," as son of your father.

        So, your father's cousin, a 1st cousin paternally, is also a step-1st cousin maternally to your father, and then a step-1st cousin, once removed, to you.

        At least, I think that is right!