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How reliably accurate are y111 results/comparisons across generations?

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  • How reliably accurate are y111 results/comparisons across generations?

    This is a question about how reliable y111 matches can be considered with respect to assignments through many generations. For example, a match of another y111 test result with a genetic distance of 0 pretty much means that the two people who submitted samples and for which the results "matched" means they are relatively close in the same time/bloodline. However, in searching backwards in time for the nexus between separate lines in general, how far back in time/how many generations, can be expected to still be a reliable comparison?
    An example:
    I match someone at the y111 level with a genetic distance of 4. The classic genealogical comparison suggests the nexus in our lines suggest that DNA match is my 14th cousin/2x removed with our most recent common ancestor b. ca. 1460. All other things being equal, should I be OK in thinking this is a valid assignment and that the y111 test has that sort of resolution?
    Does anyone have a real sense or good basic reference?
    Bill Martin
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    I'm curious about this as well. I have an exact match at Y-111 and a 110/111 match as well.

    Don't take this as fact, but I was once told my exact 111 match could share a common ancestor as far back as 6 generations. He would be my father's generation and we were born 215 miles apart in the state of Ohio. In my case it is difficult to find a common direct paternal ancestor as my father was an NPE and I have yet to identify our "real" biological surname.

    Looking forward to more educated responses to your question.