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Autosomal DNA - A few queries about new results

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  • Autosomal DNA - A few queries about new results

    Dear all

    Hoping someone can give me a few pointers. I have just received the results of my autosomal DNA. Most of my recent history going back about 5 generations is from the north of England and borders of Scotland so not surprisingly my results included

    71% British Isles and 22% Scandinavian

    However there is also 3% South European and 5% Asia Minor

    We always had family stories of a gypsy connection from NE England but had no idea who and how far back.

    My questions are as follows:
    1. Is the above genetic makeup fairly common for North, especially NE England. I'm assuming that a huge proportion of people in that area have a big chunk of Scandinavian given old history of that area
    2. Is the almost 8% Asia minor and Southern European substantial enough to suggest a fairly recent ancestory, potentially Romani. Or is that 8% simply fairly consistent with similar percentages in that area of the UK and just means that most people in that area share that % of DNA
    3. What does a lack of any central European suggest. Does it suggest a distinct break between the Northern parts of UK and those further South who I would assume had more germanic

    Can anyone give me any good genera references on how to interpret these percentages in terms of clustering based on ancient patterns versus indications of much more recent movements.

    That is, are there any guides or maps of common percentages of peoples from different parts of Europe, especially UK

    Thanks in advance

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    Your results look like they could be for someone from England. Scandinavian DNA makes up a good bit of the people from the British Isles and thus a lot of DNA testing companies say that someone may have Scandinavian DNA when they are basically 100% British or Irish in the past 700 years.

    I think that the Italian or DNA you have might come from a long time ago, like in Roman times or earlier. The Asia minor too could be in the past, but 5% seems a somewhat significant percentage so that could be from more recent times, but that is speculation on my part.

    Also consider that this isn't an exact science. If you tested at three different companies, you'd probably get three different, albeit similar, breakdowns of your ethnicity.
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