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DNA match different haplogroup?

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  • DNA match different haplogroup?

    I'm I-Z61 and a match with someone who is L-573......are they part of a larger group? I understand that I am I-M253 so has does L fit in?

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    L573 is a SNP within the I-M253 tree. SNP names start with a letter (or two or three letters), but do not have a hyphen between the letter and the number. Usually SNPs are written as I-Z61, R-L1308, etc.; the main haplogroup letter, then a hyphen, then the SNP letter and number.

    You can see L573 at the Y-DNA Haplogroup I and its Subclades - 2017 page. Just use the menu item for "find" in your browser to search for L573, and you'll see it is further down the tree than your SNP.

    M253 is the SNP name for the I1 branch of main haplogroup I. The I haplogroup tree shows your I-Z61 SNP is just under I1a2 (S244/Z56).
    The long form name for your Z61 SNP is I1a2a1.
    The long form for L573 is I1a2a1c, so it is in turn under where you are on the I1 main branch:

    I1 (M253)
    - I1a
    - - I1a2 (S244/Z56)
    - - - - I1a2a1 (your Z61)
    <skip a bunch>
    - - - - - I1a2a1c (L573)
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