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Matching Family Trees of People with DNA match?

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  • Matching Family Trees of People with DNA match?

    Hey everybody,

    Is there a way to search the FTdna database for persons who match my Family Tree gedcom and also have some kind of family finder, ydna or mtdna match?

    I can't seem to find that function.

    I want to see persons from my matches who also have matching ancestors in there gedcom.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Unfortunately FTDNA doesn't have that function. They have some kind of arrangement with, but that doesn't seem to work so well, or at least I personally have not seen how I relate to anyone else who linked their DNA to

    Ancestrydna has that feature, but you need a paid subscription for it to work. Hopefully FTDNA will someday have that feature too.


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      You have access to all your matches and their family trees and surnames, if they've posted them in their account. Just click on the link to Family Finder, yDNA or mtDNA matches for your match list. There are three icons below each match's name - the icon on the left gives you the match's e-mail address to contact them and the icon on the right is their family tree, if they've posted one in their account. Just click on the family tree icon and you can look at their family tree.


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        A direct scan of all family trees for which a genetic match of any kind is also known to FTDNA is a very tall order. I have a feeling it would require, first, a complete rework of all the FTDNA databases - it is very unlikely that the databases now have an architecture compatible with this sort of query.

        However, the bigger problem has to do with the lack of standardization for how real people record their ancestry. GEDmatch has tried the exercise of comparing GEDCOM files, and of linking GEDCOM entries to DNA kits. It has not been a rousing success. It turns out to be extremely difficult to determine whether two GEDCOM files really concern the same person. Names, dates, and places are often incomplete, in different formats, or missing. Spellings vary tremendously (as they often do in the primary sources as well!) both for personal names and for place names. Stringent comparisons (asking for identical spellings, dates, etc.) turn out to reject a high proportion of what most genealogists would consider "real" matches, while less stringent criteria, capable of flagging those "real" matches, also return a huge number of false matches. Further, the logic of comparing each entry in YOUR family tree with ALL entries in everyone else's family tree will inevitably lead to huge data processing requirements (CPU time and data access time). I don't see how to get past these problems in the near future.


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          Sorry for reviving an old post, but this is exactly what I was going to ask as it seems, 3 years on, there is still no feature to easily check for common ancestors in the trees of autosomal matches.

          Although I agree with what John McCoy is saying that it is no easy task, there are many other genealogy platforms that are capable of matching similar and/or identical results (i.e. different spellings, broader placenames like states/counties, date ranges, all of which can be adjusted by the user). So if it can be done by other companies, it is definitely possible.

          Alternatively, a simpler but less beneficial approach might be to add a filter to hide matches who have not uploaded a tree? And perhaps a way we could hide those with trees that contain only "Private" ancestors? Has something like that has been discussed at FTDNA and is it likely to happen in the near future?