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ICW (In common with) versus Paternal/Maternal matches

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  • ICW (In common with) versus Paternal/Maternal matches

    I have just over 1740 odd matches in total on FTDNA and as I have 2 cousins who have also tested I have matches shown as paternal and maternal on the tabs.

    What I don't understand is how, although I have 37 ICW matches with my first cousin (my mum and his dad) only 24 are shown as maternal in my kit. In his kit it is the same, 37 ICW matches with 24 shown as paternal.

    I he and I have the matches in common, surely as we are cousins and we both have the matches they must all be on my maternal and his paternal side or am I missing something?


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    Maternal and Paternal tabs (phasing) only look at shared segments.

    Of those 37 ICW matches, only 24 of them must share the same segment with both you and 1st cousin, the other 13 ICW matches must share a different segments with each of you, or is under 9cM.


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      Thanks for that, now I understand. I did search through the FTDNA FAQ etc but didn't come across the link given by you so thank you very much.


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        I have a similar question

        My maternal cousin and I (our mutual grandmother was our grandfather's first wife) tested and the match was as expected, and thus both of us had maternal matches identified.

        Then our aunt, born from our grandfather's second marriage, tested and again the matches to the two of us were as expected. But although we are both related closely (niece and nephew) to her, she hasn't (so far) had any of her matches identified as "paternal".

        While the three of us have many matches one-on-one, we only have two large matches in common to the three of us (one at about 50 cM and one at 44 cM) and two moderate matches above 9 cM (17 cM and 21 cM).

        Should these be enough to allow the "paternal" identification? How long will it take for the paternal identification (my aunt's results are only a few days old)? Is there anything I need to do?



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          You need to add your confirmed relatives to your tree - the phasing can't work if you don't connect them to your tree showing their specific place in your family tree.


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            Hi and thanks for replying.

            Both her tree and mine show both of us with the colours around the circle that shows we both have done the FF test, so I think that means I have done what you said?

            Is there anything else I need to do?


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              You seem to have done it correctly, though it is also best to ensure you have everyone selected as either living/deceased and as a male/female - if these aren't selected correctly or if you link someone through one parent only it can sometimes upset the phasing. If I am unaware of the identity of a second parent, I add th icon anyway and don't add a name, just a question mark.

              Assuming all of the above is OK on both your trees, I think what could be going on is that you will see phasing on the nephew/nieces tree but not on the aunts one. The reason for this is that your aunt is only related to you through one of your parents however in relation to your aunt, both her parents are the grandparents of her niece/nephew so this doesn't differentiate between both parents meaning phasing is not possible at this stage until you find a confirmed relative who only shares one parent with the person in question.