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Interesting results on my 5 grandchildren

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  • Interesting results on my 5 grandchildren

    Well FTDNA can thank me for the additional business I have sent their way!

    I took the FF test last year after Christmas, later in the early summer my wife decided to do it as well as her 90 year old mother. My wife had 2 sons by her first husband and now both of them have done the FF test as well as one of her son's wife and their 5 children. I am in the process of getting my 5 children from my first marriage tested as well as the grandchildren on that side, all 7 of them.

    And the results of my stepson's 5 kids are interesting because they are a modern blended family. The oldest child has a different mother than the rest, the next 3 have a different father from the oldest and youngest and the youngest shares both parents so it's a mix of siblings, half and step siblings! Their DNA comparisons have been most interesting indeed!

    I'm still trying to sort out these 5, my stepson is setting up some spread sheets to compare and contrast some of the data.