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  • Conflicting Results - Please Help

    Total Newbie here and I'm sure there a million similar posts on here already, but am wondering if anyone can help.

    I submitted DNA for the Family Finder package at Family Tree and received the following results:
    European 100%
    British Isles 48%
    Eastern Europe 32%
    Scandinavia 11%
    Southern Europe 9%

    I subsequently submitted to National Geographic's Genographic program and received these results:
    Great Britain and Ireland 61%
    Eastern Europe 34%
    Southern Europe 3%
    Arabia 2%

    As I understand it, Nat Geo is using Family Tree to process their samples. Can anyone tell me why the disparity between the two results? How could one have 11% Scandinavian and the other none? I suppose they're using different markers, but which one, if either, should I trust?

    Furthermore, I transferred my autosomal seqs to GedMatch and failed to find any Scandinavian with any/all of their admixture queries... Do I have Scandinavian heritage? Seems doubtful, but 11%..

    Also, does anyone know what exactly "British Isles" mean? Celtic (Gael or Briton)? Jute? Angle? Saxon? Roman? Norman?? Any idea how to get more clarity/resolution?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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    Each company uses their own "admixture calculators" and reference populations

    At FTDNA, if one has some British Isles ancestry, Scandinavian can show up due to the Viking influence. It all depends on how each companies program breaks down data for "best fit"

    For FTDNA's population groups see following


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      I'd actually say that it was a fairly close match.