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    See post by Botrys on first page of this thread. It appears to be the only information on the results of the National Geographic study. Testing ancient remains has been done before, depending on the degredation of the sample. Beside the usual suspects of the Near East, haplogroup G is also present and was mentioned by Spencer Wells as a possibility in the case of Phoenicians--in regard to Cadiz near a Carthage settlement in Spain.


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      I have read that J-M319 is believed to be of Minoan (Crete), Anatolia or Syro-Palestinian origin ( Some claim the Philistines came from Crete due to translating Caphtor from the Bible as Crete or Cyprus.

      I am J-M319, and my birth-father is believed to by Hispanic. J-M319 has only been found in a small number of Hispanics / Latinos to date, and some Jews also carry this haplotype. As an adoptee who had not meet his birth-father, I would like to know the true origin of my paternal line.

      Y-DNA Haplogroup J2a4d (previously J2a8) or J-M319

      Autosomal DNA estimates:
      66% European
      29% Native American Indian
      5% Sub-Saharan African
      0% East Asian


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        Originally posted by Jim Denning View Post
        If you find the Phoenicians you get the Manohians [sp?]
        who was the best ship builders and didnt need armies with thier navy . which returned from the island exploding and no port. who else but the decedents of noah the first ship builder. The one nimrod went to get the gilgimesh story from you can always count on me

        the Phoenicians where accompanied by one of the house of israel tribes ,dan
        Dan left before assyria took the house of israel which predated the house of judah falling to babylon Dan was so tied to them that the name dan was removed from lsts of tribes geting future blessings because they worshipped groves when they left. they crossed to europe thru the danube region which they names after the father dan a trait they hebrew its dn
        when ceaser fought them the celts in britainy had ocean going ships far better and bigger tha n the romans
        these were the thuathada danaan

        its more then probable they intermarried putiinng hebrew dna in the Phoenician's lines. now as my previos post implied crete was thehomeland noah settled in thus the superiority of their shipbuilding and navy
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          Has anyone thought about a possible genetic trace of the Carthaginians, who came to Spain from North Africa.

          I am in disagreement with Mr Denning on his Tribe of Dan wanderings.

          Jim..where did you get your information about the Danube River.

          In an earlier posting you wanted to marry the Tuath Dannan with the Tribe of Dan. Referring to the Isles Goddess Danu.

          I suggest to you, that the sound "DAN" could be a sound in any language,
          and it would be written in english as so.

          Maybe DN is pronounced Din? do you know for sure?

          You say the tribe of DN named the Danube river after themselves? The River was called Danubius by the Romans.